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Personal life [edit]

Nazriya's father is a business man, her mother a home maker. She has a younger brother. Nazriya studied in Al Ain till Class 10 and then in 2006,she moved to Kerala with family.[1] She had studied at the Christ Nagar SchoolThiruvananthapuram. She has stated that she wants to study something related to business and that she may take up either a Commerce or BBA course.[1] The family lived previously in western Asia before moving to Thiruvananthapuram.[2]

Career [edit]

Starting her career in 2006 as a child artist, she acted in a Malayalam film Palunku (2006) directed by Blessy.[2] She went on to become an anchor on Asianet's music reality television show, Munch Star Singer.[2] Oru Naal Varum (2010) was her next venture, in which she played the role of Dhanya.[3] She also did a supporting role in Pramani.[2] Nazriya was cast in an album titled Yuvvh by Sony Music Entertainment, which became very popular among the youth.[2] Nazriya played the female lead role in the Malayalam film Maad Dad (2013). She then starred in Putharen's romantic comedy thriller film Neram which was simultaneously made in Malayalam and Tamil languages.[4][5]
Her upcoming films include the Tamil films Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah[6]Naiyaandi [7] and Raja Rani.[1]

Filmography [edit]

2006PalunkuGeethuMalayalam(credited as Baby Nazriya)
2010Oru Naal VarumDhanyaMalayalam
2012Maad DadMariyaMalayalam
2013Neram[5]Jeena (Malayalam)
Veni (Tamil)
2013Thirumanam Ennum NikkahTamilFilming[6]
2013Raja RaniTamilFilming[1]


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